Ceciliyan Name

Tea had been planted on the estate since the early 1920s. Based on village elders it is believed that Ceciliyan is the name of the wife of the original owner of the property. When we took over management of the property in the 1940s we decided to continue with the existing name of the property.

Ceciliyan Tea

Nestled in the hill country next to one of the largest rain forests in Asia Ceciliyan estate is part of a rich and diverse eco system where wildlife lives in perfect harmony with nature. Tea is grown in conjunction with rubber, Cinnamon, coconut and paddy. The soil is rich in nutrients, the winds are full of the smells of cinnamon, rubber and coconut.

It is in such an environment that our tea is grown. So when you brew a cup of our tea it not only contains the benefits of tea. But contains all the goodness of tea that is grown with love and care.

Managing DirectorIMG_2131

With over 30 years of experience Paani Dias is one of the well respected and identifiable figures in the Sri Lanka Tea Industry. Paani has a Diploma from the Institute of Plantation Management and is a fellow of the institute of plantation.He is the son of Salie Malinga Dias one of the original co-owners of the Plantation.

Mr. Dias as held numerous leadership positions on various tea bodies. He has led various tea delegations here and overseas. Panni’s has a passion for tea and it was under his leadership that Ceciliyan was transformed from a small family owned tea factory in the early 1990s to one of the largest tea producers and one of the most innovative tea factories in Sri Lanka.

Widely regarded by many as one of the model factories in Sri Lanka Paani firmly believes in empowering his employees and inspiring his employees to produce high quality tea.