Ceciliyan is actively engaged in social activities in the Kalawana town and surrounding areas. It is our belief that we should give back to the community. We do this through a range of initiatives to help the community.


Healthcare Projects

Ceciliyan has been instrumental in the upgrading of facilities at the Kalawana Hospital

  • Constructed 3 wards at the hospital
  • Contributed funds towards new medical equipment
  • Provided equipment and funds towards the construction of a fully functional x ray unit

Education Initiatives

Education is vital to the growth and improvement of our society. Ceciliyan is currently engaged in the following initiatives


  • Building schools, day care centres, and providing books and school clothes for students
  • Providing scholarships for students to pursue higher education

Religious Projects

Ceciliyan has staff from different religions. We have built places of worship for all the main religions on the estate.


Small Holder Initiatives

The small holders provide the high quality tea leaves that Ceciliyan uses to produce the teas it is famous for. Some of the ways we try to help our small holders are

  • Provide quick funds in an emergency
  • Provide business training to small holders
  • Give advice on improving crops